Friday, June 13, 2014

World Cup!

The Copa do Mundo has finally arrived! Yesterday Brazil played Croatia in a really interesting opener, we'll just say with different officiating, the result might have been different.  Anyway, enough about the game, what did this sewist wear while watching it?  

I'll give you one guess what pattern I used for the skirt?  It's another V2514 this time in printed denim that I got from Mood Fabrics.  I actually saw a skirt made out of this by another sewist in a blog (I'll try and find once feedly is fixed) and bought the fabric straight away.  The nice thing about pencil skirts you can eke them out of a yard or less.  The top was a Christmas present from my husband.  It is even more glittery in real life.

Speaking of v2514, I am wearing a different version today.  This time without the back vent/slit as I had only the tiniest of scraps left.

It is paired with a ready to wear top that I've had for at least six years.  The fabric is a Oscar de la Renta wool from Mood Fabrics.  Mood was feeling generous with the cutting the day I ordered it, so I got 2.5 yards instead of the two I ordered.  I made a dress for my sister's wedding, and then had barely enough for this skirt.  I love the fabric!

Anyway, just a short post, as it's time to go to work.  I should finish my Luffa jacket this weekend, I put in the pockets and sleeves yesterday, so it's just the insides to do!  (The World Cup opening game is a reason for a holiday here in Brazil!)

Don't forget to vote for me here, voting closes today.  I'm in first place (super surprisingly), but only by a vote or two. 

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