Saturday, June 28, 2014

Luckily my favorite fabric store was still open

This is Bras at 9 AM on a Saturday with only 1/3 of the stores open.  Usually it's even busier than this.
So, I've been planning on going to Bras (should in all honesty have an accent over the a) fabric district for at least a couple of weeks, but work has thwarted all attempts. Damn you World Cup!  Not really, because I actually enjoy the World Cup and soccer in general (if you can't tell from my posts, I do watch quite a bit of sportage).  Until today, but then it wasn't truly a full Bras experience because of the World Cup.  Brazil played today at one, so most of the stores were closed.  Including the notions store with aaaaaalllllll the buttons, so I'm still meh about buttons for my coat, so it's still not done.  At least my absolute favorite fabric store was open.

Alberto Kim Tecidos is within the first block of the fabric district, right next to the parking garage, but it always, always has something that I want to buy there.  The prices are good, and the guys are nice.  I didn't get a picture of the main guy who works there, but he's super cool, and was shocked that we were moving to Kyiv.  I'll miss this store!
I could have bought tons of fabric today, everything was calling my name, but I restrained myself.   You can see the hot pink polka dots that I did buy last time I was there.
The little guy and husband came with me today, because the whole plan was to go to the Fifa FanFest afterwards to watch the Brazil game.  Well that didn't work out, since we weren't in Bras long enough.  They were troopers, as the aisles are super tiny in each of the stores, so usually they waited outside.  I took way too long in Kim's today, so they were a little antsy.
I did finally find a navy blue that matches my Russia blue and gold trim.  I found it at some random store in one of the alleys, thanks to the shop assistant for letting me take a picture.  It's surprising that most everyone who works in the district is a male.  It's rare to see a female shop assistant.  I also have some gold Swiss knit coming from Gorgeous Fabrics, so hopefully in the next two weeks I can start my blue and gold dress.  Luckily two new patterns came out this week that will help me with the design.  First is the Bronte top by Jennifer Lauren.  Found here.  It's for knits, but it has the right style lines (or at least close to the right ones, so I have something to work off of).  The second one is the new pattern company Capital Chic.  It popped up in my blog reader this week more than once, and it's like she read my mind!  I'm going to buy the Martini for the bottom part of the dress.  I think it will work.

Anyway.  What does one wear to Bras on a day that Brazil is playing? My only Brazil top, which has seen a lot of wear in the last couple of weeks, and a cute tropical print skirt that I made ages ago. The pattern is my second favorite pencil skirt pattern, it's a Vogue, but I'm too lazy to look up which one. (To be fair, I just spent two hours scrubbing my kitchen floor and my shower, and then had some green wine with dinner, so I hope it's justified.)

Irritated that buttons are still not found.
It was hot today, so I put my hair up in pigtails.  My hair is at an obnoxious growing out stage.  It's long enough that I constantly feel it on my neck, but too short to really do anything with.  I need to get over this hurdle, as I really miss my long hair.  I just need to squelch the urge to dye it, so that I can grow it longer.  Oh well, enough about my hair, I'm sure you want to know what I bought!
Here is my loot.  I spent about 200 reais (about $80USD) for 17 meters of fabric. The most expensive was the second to the right at 19,90 reais a meter- but oh my god am I in love with it.  It's a cotton backing with a sateen-ish print on top (I think, it rustles, so it might be something else, it feels like it could almost be cotton wax?  Who knows?  Most of the  time, the fabrics are not labeled as to content.)  But my dear readers, not all this fabric is for me.  Come August 1, I will be back in the states on vacation and since I will not be sewing much for the month (as my serger will be on it's way to Kyiv, and my machine will be with the Bernina people getting a much needed service), I bought some fabrics for you guys. You'll just have to wait and see what's for you.  I also have been hoarding Manaquins, which is a Brazilian pattern magazine similar to Burda. 

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