Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Second Luffa down... what's next?

It's only a day later than I thought.  I blame the World Cup.  (I am also blaming the World Cup for the couple of grays I have found.)  On Monday, we went to a friend's house to watch the U.S. vs Ghana game, so I didn't get to finish my Luffa that night.  I did work on it Monday, but in the morning, because my darling dog, Snoopy, decided to wake me up at 4:50 a.m, but the little guy stayed asleep.  (I did the hand sewing on the bound buttonholes).  So anyway, last night after the Brazil- Mexico game, I got a chance to finish the jacket.  I wore it to work today. 

I wore it with a Vogue dress I made a couple of years ago.  The dress is made out of a stretchy wool, and is trimmed with velvet.  I think I made the dress in December 2011?  I know it was after November, as I got the fabric on my annibirthery trip to Turkey.  Sidenote: what is an annibirthery?  Well due to the nature of my job, and my older son's schooling schedule, my husband and I got married on my birthday in 2010.  To make it even more sappy it was my proverbial 30th birthday.  So to celebrate both my birthday and our anniversary (and usually husband's birthday which is about a month before mine) we go on a trip somewhere, 2011 it was Turkey, 2012- Chicago, 2013 -Buenos Aires, 2014- who knows?

But back to the dress.  Here is a closer look:
I had to add the picture of the little guy.  He is intent on being in my pictures, which is fun.  The dress is pretty hard to photograph well. It's much greener in real life.  My camera was not having an easy time with colors today.  The dress was fairly simple to make, except I did take the time to match the stripes, so there is a nice chevron effect on the skirt (couldn't get a good picture).  Initially I lined the dress, but the outer fabric was stretch and the lining was not, so it didn't work out.  I wore a slip underneath, as it's a fairly itchy wool. Since it was rainy and cool out today, I paired it with my boots.

Here are some various views of the jacket.   Here's what it looks like on the mannequin.  It was after wearing it all day, so I probably should have steamed out the wrinkles.

Here it is from the inside.  I really like the lavender with the wine.  I did make a booboo which required a decent amount of unpicking.  The pattern calls for pleats at all the back seams, but since I was going from memory in making it (as it was my second time), I put pleats in the front lining as well.  I didn't realize until I was trying to hem it.  Oh well.  Note to self- read instructions even if you think you know how to do it.

A look at the pocket lining and the buttons I used.  The buttons once were part of a necklace a good friend of mine gave me.  They're mother of pearl and I have loads of them.  I have some great friends!  I used the lavender on the pocket linings, they came out pretty well.  (In my opinion, but I did just notice I have a thread to trim, but look at that pretty nail!  I've been trying to paint my nails more often.)

And how about that bow?  I decided while making, the perfect size was the same size as the welt pocket piece. It happened to be around so I used it as a mock up and it was pretty perfectly sized.  So I cut a piece of fabric that was twice as wide plus .5 inches and .5 inches longer.  I interfaced it and  sewed it right sides together the long way.  I then ironed it so the seam was in the middle of the back.  I sewed one side completely shut and the other side partially shut.  I turned it right side out and then tucked in the unsewn part, ironed and topstiched.  For the center part, I decided it needed to be .75" wide (after starting with 1" and deciding nah).  I made it the same way as the larger piece, except the length is longer, probably by an inch or two (but cut long, try it out and then cut shorter- I speak from experience).  I put the snap on and viola a cute, but not too cute bow.

That's the jacket.  So what's next?  I was looking at Pattern Review today as they have revamped their site, and I wanted to see if it was actually navigable.  It is, I may use it more often.  I came across the contest for June, and realized if I sew quickly, I could a. enter another contest and b. finally make my fall jacket for Kyiv.  For our 2-3 years in Kyiv, I will need a bevy of jackets and coats in different weights.  This one will be for mid fall, early winter.  (I already have a deep winter Eddie Baur behemoth from my time in Russia).  I am going to make Deer and Doe's Pavot Jacket, but I need your help in deciding something.
The pattern doesn't call for a lining, but as it's going to be for Ukrainian fall (which is a lot like most winter in a lot of places) I am going to line it.  The fabric for the jacket is deep turquoise wool flannel, and I am going to pipe it with black patent leather.  But I can't decide on the lining.  What do you think?
Option 1: hot pink and black polkadot satin (content unknown).  Super cute and fun.
Option 2: white with pink and black flowers.  A silk jacquard, feels amazing, but might not have enough.
Or Option 3, both.  The white/pink/black for the body, and the pink and black polka dots for the sleeves and pockets.  The pinks are really closer in real life.  My camera couldn't deal with lighting today.

Let me know in the comments!  I am ironing the wool tonight and will hopefully start cutting, as I've only got 13 days to make it!

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