Saturday, June 14, 2014

I won! I won! I won!

I am so amazed that I actually won a contest with one of my me-mades!  My first Luffa Jacket inspired by the hockey great Don Cherry.  Thank you to Cashmerette for hosting, and you can see the amazing prizes I won here.   The husband is excited that I might make him something. ;) Thank you for everyone who voted!

Speaking of Luffa Jackets, I am making a lot of progress on it.  I have been working on it all day (on and off, as I've also had to do actual work and hang out with a little guy).  Here is a peak of the insides.  I had planned on only using the lavender lining (which I got in Izmir, Turkey, content unknown only assured that it is natural fibers), but alas I didn't have quite enough, so the sleeves are a wine bemberg.  Here is a sneak peak.

Notice all the notching I did.  I feel like I spent hours cutting little triangles out from the seam allowance.  I am about to go and iron and turn it right side out.  All I have left is: finishing the bound button holes, sew the sides of the lining up, hemming, and adding the bow.  I'm hoping to get it done tomorrow.  I see myself wearing it with skinny trousers in the same fabric as my winning blazer.  Now I have a question for you, dear reader, you may or may have not noticed, but the flower pattern is upside down in the jacket.
Look closely... that was the rookie mistake I made on it.  I was sooo bummed when I realized it (as I was finishing the bound button holes). Now if I make pants in the same fabric, should I also put the flowers upside down?  Chances are I will never wear them together, but if I do, it would be rather noticeable if one pattern was right side up and the other upside down.  Decisions, decisions, decisions, right?  

Anyway, while pondering that, I got some new toys this week.  Here we get mail once every week or two, so when it comes it can be like Christmas.  I got a fancy new tripod and a remote trigger.  I no longer have to bribe my husband and/or son to take pictures.  Also, I no longer have to have arguments about whether my loving husband is tilting the camera or if I really look that distorted.  I got both of them off of Amazon, since I am a Amazon prime member, so shipping is free.  You can see my pattern weights in the picture.  It's a coin from this past year's Marine Ball.  I have two and they make excellent weights.

I messed around with both.  What do you think of this pairing?  The top is Sewholic's Renefrew, I made it right after it came out.  I think the fabric is rayon, it was from my favorite fabric store in Yekaterinburg, Russia.  The fabric is so-so and so is the construction, so I don't wear it often.  I serged the whole thing and the tension was slightly off.  I do like the color.  I think the jacket makes a nice outfit.  (You can see the lining cut out on my table- is there any interest in a tour of my sewing room?)

As you can tell, I tend to buy fabrics from all over the world.  I love being able to wear something and reminisce about a particular trip or time in my life.  I don't tend to buy regular souvenirs, just fabric. For example, I ended up with an unexpected 36 hour layover in Istanbul in February (honestly not as glamorous as it seems.  I was on my way to almost-Siberia- Yekateringburg- for a 2.5 week work trip and after missing my connection, the next flight was delayed twelve hours, and there may have been crying at the airport).  But, anyway the first thing I did was go to the Grand Bazaar and buy some beautiful silks.  On a final note, I was lucky today that I had a little helper to help clean up all those triangles!  However, I'm sure that I'll be finding them for weeks.  Until next time!


  1. Congrats Nicole! I also am so happy you won with my pattern.
    In fact, I didn't vote any sewalong because I wanted to be neutral, but I trusted your win!
    Happy sewing! Yuki@WafflePatterns

  2. Thank you Yuki! I am about 3/4 of the way done with my second Luffa. It's an awesome pattern. I look forward to making some of your other patterns!


  3. Congratulations!!! I think do the pant fabric upside down also. You really can't tell that anything is off looking at the jacket, so I think just keep them the same. And, yes, sewing room tour! I love seeing all of the things you make (including your triangle sweeper), so talented.