Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Don Cherry and the art of sewing.

Have you ever watched Hockey Night in Canada?  Most likely not, but if you do, you will get to see the awesomeness of Don Cherry, a retired hockey player.  What makes Mr. Cherry so great?  I'll let the pictures talk for themselves.

I mean, seriously, who doesn't love a man in a poppy suit jacket?  I took Mr. Cherry's signature style and made a jacket of my own a couple of weeks ago.  I used Waffle Patterns Luffa Jacket. Found here.
For this jacket, I used a printed cotton sateen found at Bras (still snickering every time I say that), and some bemberg lining from either Mood Fabrics or Gorgeous Fabrics, I've had it for awhile so I don't remember.  This is what I was inspired to make.

What do you think?  A proper homage to Mr. Cherry's sartorial style?  The first time I wore it was with a white Manaquim magazine top (a Brazilian magazine a la Burda) and a Vogue 2514 pencil skirt.  Not pictured was the second time I wore it, with Sewaholic Thurlow trousers and New Look 6013 modified into a top.  I was joking with a colleague about how it was my old man jacket, and she suggested I needed to go over the top and pair it with hot pink.  Which I'm not one to back away from a fashion challenge, so that's how I wore it today.  My take on the jacket is that it's a neutral masquerading as a print. I could see myself wearing this with far more interesting outfits.
This is New Look 6013 modified into a top.  I'll be honest about it, I really loved the Belcarra top by Sewaholic (found here), but didn't want to wait until it was released, and then for the post to make it's way from Canada through the States to Brazil, so I hacked a pattern I already had to make something similar.  (I still plan on buying her Gabriola skirt when I'm back in the States this summer.)  The top is made out of the same fabric as the lining of my black and white jacket.  The skirt is a cotton sateen in butterum found at Mood Fabrics.  I also made Thurlows out of it, and am working on a second Luffa Jacket- with a cute little pattern hack... You'll just have to wait and see.

But enough about that, I'm sure that you'd rather look at pictures.  My bound buttonholes and welt pockets weren't perfect, but they'll do for government work.
From the front
From the side

The inside
Bound buttonholes from the outside. I didn't think about matching the print until the second hole.  Oops!
The Buttons.  They're wood, bought her in S.P. for another project.
Inside buttonholes.  Can you spot the mistake?
Welt pocket.  Stitching could have been more in the ditch, not noticeable in real life.  I did change the thread.
A hand embroidered tag.
The big question though, is a I made a rookie mistake on this jacket, can you tell what it was?  Also this is my submission for the everyday casual category for the Sew Indie Contest.  Although it's a blazer, making a jacket out of cotton allows me to wear it not everyday, but enough that it's a staple in my wardrobe. Well, game 1 of the final between the Kings and the Rangers in on...  Wonder what Mr. Cherry is wearing tonight?


  1. whoa! such a inspiration! Have to check Mr. Cherry. Your jacket is gorgeous and floral is this season's trend! Thank you for featuring my pattern! Yuki@Waffle Patterns.

    1. Thanks! I am on my second Luffa! Such a great pattern!

  2. Congrats Nicole, you won the contest!!!!! :D

    1. Woohoo! Thank you. The Sew Indie Contests were a great impetus to finally start blogging.