Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Two patterns three looks or my favorite TNT.

If any of you followed me for Me-Made-May, you might remember my two favorite patterns of the moment Vogue 2514 and New Look 6013.  V2514 is an out of print Michael Kors pattern that I picked up ages ago.  It's a trench coat style blazer and a pencil skirt.  New Look 6013 is one of those patterns that is everything (well almost).  It has a jacket, dress, vest, pants.  (No skirt or top.)


We'll start with the Vogue.  There are many pencil skirt patterns out there, and they are all slightly different.. Slightly different darts, how they do the slit, etc.  Out of the many patterns I own (a lot), this is by far and away my favorite pencil skirt.  I love it for two reasons, first there are no darts in the front, and second the slit has mitered corners and overlaps.  The New Look dress has raglan sleeves and is a flattering sheath dress with no waist seaming.

Now why would I be talking about these two patterns together?  I took the New Look dress and turned it into a top.  I have made four versions of the top and too many to remember versions of the skirt.  I would like to show you three of them, as they all came out very different.

The first is a white cotton eyelet top with a polyester pique skirt.  (Sorry about the oddly framed shot, my son has gone back to Kansas for the summer and my new tripod hasn't shown up.)  I like cotton eyelet for tops, as it gives a bit of visual interest to a somewhat plain color. I used french seams to make the top, as it's the tiniest bit sheer.  Here are some close ups of the top and the mitered slit of the skirt.

Today, I wore a different version of the same outfit.  This time the skirt is in a green cotton ponte and the top is silk twill.  This time I didn't use a zipper for the skirt (entirely unnecessary for a knit in my opinion) but added a waistband.  For the top, I also used french seams, but this time I used bias binding to finish the top.

The one mistake I made on the top was that I cut the sleeves on what I thought was the bias so I didn't have to match up the plaid.  However, I failed to think through that the wrong part of the sleeve would be on the bias.  Oops!  I love the top otherwise.   

The final version you've already seen here.  Which reminds me... have you voted yet for the Everyday Casual contest?  It'd be awesome if you voted for me. 
I didn't think that I could pull off the entire top in the shiny charmeuse, so for the main portion, I used the matte side. I've worn these three outfits in the last week, but haven't felt that I've worn the same thing over and over again.  What do you think?  Are they different enough to wear one after another? 

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