Thursday, June 26, 2014

Don Cherry might have some Competition from Andrew Wiggins

Lo and behold, as I was trying to get motivation to finish my coat, this picture popped up in my facebook feed.  (Original picture found here.) It's University of Kansas basketball player Andrew Wiggins, he was the number one recruit last year in the nation, and I guess he's already going on to the NBA.  But look at that jacket.  Amazing!  I'm also digging the red suit his friend is wearing.   As I've been trying to make country appropriate outfits for cheering on countries during the World Cup, I've been remiss about the lack of red in my wardrobe.  That's a suit for another day.  (To be honest, for the number of black shoes I own, I have very little black in my wardrobe as well.)

Now... how could I replicate Mr. Wiggin's jacket?  If you look closely at the left side right above the big flower, you can see a slight change in the pattern, likely from a dart (because on guy's jackets, you wouldn't see a princess seam would you?  There would be no point right, as there are no boobs to work around.)  I've been thinking about trying Style Arc for quite awhile, but have never done so because of the having to ship from Australia to the U.S. to Brazil.  (Usually it takes 2-4 weeks to get things from the U.S. to Brazil.)  But maybe since I'll be going home in August, I can buy up some of their patterns and have them meet me in Kansas?  Namely this one:
It's the Bronnie Tuxedo Jacket and it would be perfect to pay homage to Mr. Wiggins' outfit.  (I would take out the flaps for the pockets and make them single welts.  I wonder if I could find suitable fabric this weekend on my button hunting trip to Bras?  What do you think, tuxedo jacket later this summer?

I'll be honest, I don't know though if he'll ever be able to out do my favorite sports style icon.  What do you think?  Andrew Wiggins or Don Cherry?  Do you have a style icon that is out of the norm?  I'm curious to know!


  1. Both amazing, but I'm very possibly in love with Andrew Wiggins' jacket.

  2. Yeah I'm going to try and find some similar fabric. It's amazing, right?