Thursday, June 5, 2014

Luffa Jacket Redux

Turns out Don Cherry's jacket was a rather large disappointment.  It was a muted cadet blue with slightly darker window pane plaid.  Oh well, I started a new project tonight... Another Luffa Jacket. 

My pattern weights are a mixture of weighted balls from Jo-annes and Marine 'coins' from the last Marine Ball here.  
I made some changes to the pattern..  First and unshown is I shaved 5/8th inch off from the widest part of the collar.  The second was adding a second notch on the back of the sleeve cap.
 Most of you would say why bother with adding that second notch?  Well the last time I made this jacket, I inserted the sleeve linings in backwards and had to do a lot of unpicking.

The last change is the addition of a bound button hole under the left collar.
You'll just have to wait and see why I did that.  Hopefully it will turn out like what I have in mind, but if not, it should be hidden.  Wish me luck!

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