Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Shoe Tuesday

As many of you know, Tuesday is my least favorite day of the week.  Seems random, but there is a method to my madness.  At least on Monday, you are refreshed by the weekend, and then on Wednesday you're halfway there.  It doesn't help that many times Tuesdays are both terribly long, but equally busy.  I was not thrilled that today was Tuesday, so what did I do?  I finally wore my Melissa + Karl Lagerfield ice cream cone pumps.   I bought these last year after I got tenure, but had never worn them.  They were just too pretty, and what would I wear them with?  Well late last night, early this morning, I decided fuck it, I'm going to wear some cute shoes and they will make me happier that it's Tuesday. 
The little guy likes these shoes.  He would honestly like to eat them.  Anyway, without further ado, here is how I dressed around my shoes:
I paired it with the first suit jacket I've ever made, the Starlet Jacket by Gertie. I modified the collar and the pockets (making both of them smaller).  I also did several muslins to get a pretty decent fit.  The few wrinkles are caused by the pose, because they aren't there in real life.  The dress is a modified Anna Dress by By Hand London.
The fabric is really what makes the dress.  It's a silk twill by Carolina Herrera.  I lined it with a cotton/silk voile, and honestly it's the floatiest feeling dress I own.  To finish it off I used bias binding.  Unfortunately, the fit on this dress is not perfect.  I have made 3 other iterations on the Anna Dress, and the weird fit across the chest doesn't happen with any of the other ones.  (And they were all made before this one.)  I should really go in and make some of the seam allowances smaller.  I think that would help.  I moved the pleats, and that helped enough that it's wearable, but for the amount of money I spent on the fabric, it should be more than wearable.  It should be amazing.  Oh well, not everything comes out perfect.  

I was extremely happy with my outfit today, even though it turned out that the shoes are not meant for the amount of walking I have to do at work.  (A lot!)  During the day, I decided that I need to do something to make Tuesday a more enjoyable day for me.  What do you think it should be?  I'm thinking of wearing outfits that I want to wear, but have always been worried about how they look?  Ie. that they're too far out there?  Or fancy shoe Tuesday?  Build an outfit around my fancier shoes I don't wear much? 

While you think about that, I finished the lining to my jacket, and took out the current facing.  I recut and resewed the facing with a black cotton instead.  The coat is all ready to put together.  I just need the inspiration (energy to get off my butt) and do it.  This Saturday I am going to Bras fabric district to buy the buttons.  :)

 As you can see, I went with the super luxe Turkish fabric for the lining.  But never fear.  The pockets were made with the polka dots.  Sneaky, eh?  I'll leave you with a closer look at the lovely ice cream on my shoes.  I believe she was going for pistachio flavored?  Mmmmm.  (You know the best think about Melissa shoes, they smell like jelly beans.)  Oh and, please ignore the bug bites around my ankle, a family of mosquito feasted on my family and me sometime in the last couple of days.  Until next time.

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