Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Finished Jacket Vogue 8640

I feel as if already I'm slacking on the blog posting.  I meant to write this and post last night, but instead I scrubbed my kitchen floors and my bathroom.  Why you ask?  Because my mother came to visit today- yay! (also because the grout on my kitchen floor tile I think should be white and not black. I need to find a better grout cleaner, as they are still light grey in spots.  Any suggestions?)  First thing my mom said to me coming off the plane is ooh did you make that?  I was, of course, wearing my bomber jacket.  I have a post coming for that- it will be up tonight or tomorrow.

Anyway, I finished the swingy jacket on Sunday night, and wore it yesterday.  Here is the pattern illustration for it:
I left off the collar, as I only had a meter of the black and white fabric.  I've previously made the collared version.  Seen here, as a super grumpy me, but absolutely adorable photobomb by my youngest son, Alex.
Sooo, what are we waiting for.... taaa-daa!!!

 From the front.  I was pretty close on the pattern matching, except I didn't realize that the pattern only repeated half as much.  So the top row of white diamonds on the black background is off by a half.  Oops!

I liked this picture as it shows a little bit of my apartment.  You can totally tell we have a baby.
Here is a shot of the lining.  It is so luxurious to wear.

A closer look at the snaps and the lining.  The hot pink really adds some excitement.

I paired it with Soma Patterns Dorian dress.  I love the royal blue with the black and white.  It was cold so I wore a long sleeve black tee-shirt underneath.  Conor didn't like the black tee-shirt, but a girl has to stay warm in Sao Paulo's winter.  It's not cold per se, as it's usually in the 60s, but when you're entire apartment is tile, there is no heat in most of the place, and there are windows in several of the rooms that physically do not shut, it gets cold!  Hopefully I can get away with saying that, since I did spend a year in Siberia, so I know the cold?

Here is a side view,  I love the swingy-ness of it.  It really makes the waist look smaller.  I need to find a better backdrop I think.  It looks really funny that the bookcase is only half full.  This is the only way our books will survive.  Now I just need to figure out my next project.  I have so many ideas, but so little time. Should I make a couple of quick tops, a blazer, or should I sew practically and finally make my wool jacket?  It needs to be done soon, as we're moving to Kyiv in 3 months... Ack!

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