Sunday, June 22, 2014

Progress on the coat

I haven't ironed down the facings, and I'm a bit worried that they're too thick.  I used the same fabric as the shell.  Hopefully with a good press (but not too good, don't want to melt the faux patent leather) it will be fine.  I cut out the lining tonight, and started to sew it, but... as we all know, it's the World Cup.  And tonight the US played Portugal.  I watched a good chunk of the game, and I can't believe we didn't hold them off.  Literally with 20 seconds left the US allowed a goal for the tie.  Seriously?

I guess we'll see how it goes on Thursday to know if the US makes the elimination rounds.  My coat has been slow going, as due to the Copa, I tend to have to work more.  I spent a couple of hours at work today and yesterday.  However, luckily because I'm in Brazil, we have more days off or early release for the important games.  I.E. any Brazil matches or U.S. matches.   :)  I might get to Bras (snigger) this week after all.  I need to go, as the local button store closed down, and I couldn't find any suitable buttons at either the fabric store or knitting store (which has a lot of trims/zippers and a minimal amount of buttons).

Moving on.  As you might notice in the picture above, I have done bound button holes with this coat as well.  I think that bound button holes really can take a piece from good to fancy pants. Also, for this coat, I knew that it would be too thick to do machine buttonholes, especially with my machine desperately needing service.  (There is one Bernina store here in Sao Paulo, but they don't have part, and can't/won't order it, so I have to wait until we're back in Kansas.)
Here's a closer look.  They aren't done, I need to do the backs, but to do that I need to press and add the lining, etc.  As the insides of the button hole are the patent leather and it would be tough to hand stitch and or pin, I had to figure out how to do the button holes without causing too much pain and/or heartache.
I used black fusible interfacing to make the holes.  They aren't perfect, but I don't think it's noticeable.  I hope. 
To ensure that the patent leather inserts were A. straight and B. touching, I stuck them on to some masking tape.  This made my life a lot easier.
I basted the inserts in their spots.  I made sure that I was outside what would show in the buttonholes.  The patent leather shows holes like no other.  I only did three sides as it made it easier to take off the masking tape.
I pulled off all the masking tape.  Some of the bits that were next to the basting were a bit harder than others, but eventually I got it all off.
E viola! Buttonholes!  In the background you can see my buttonhole opener, which works well to cut the fabric in the corners.  What do you use to do that?

Anyway.  Nothing much else to report.  I'll leave you with some advice from a 1949 Singer Sewing Manual.  Tell me, do you primp before you sew?  I tend to change from my work clothes into sweats to do my sewing.  Maybe I am doing it wrong?


  1. Gosh! I am stunned - this is amazing work- I adore the piping & colour (clearly - being a teal girl). Nice lovely fab!!

    1. Thank you! I ended up doing the proper thing and redo the facings with a thinner black sateen. I can't wait until it's done, but I doubt I'll be able to wear it until September (even with it being winter in Brazil).