Sunday, June 1, 2014

In Progress

And the blogging begins.  I'm not much of a writer, but I would like to have a better place to showcase what I am doing.  Plus there are contests that I would like to enter, and it's easier with a blog. Let's see how it goes...  This is what I'm sewing today, Vogue 8640, the swing jacket, without the collar. For the main jacket, I'm using a polyester pique, that I picked up on a recent shopping spree in the fabric district of Sao Paulo.  (Amusingly, the area is named Bras, so when ever I say I went there, people assume I'm being risque talking about lingerie.) The fabric was incredibly cheap, about $2.50/meter.  Which, unfortunately you can tell a tiny bit, as it was printed off grain.   For the lining, I used a remnant of a stretch silk charmeuse I got for 50% off during one of those Mood flash sales.  There is nothing like whipping up a jacket that cost under $10.
To be honest, I totally lost the instructions for this jacket.  I They're probably stuck in another pattern.  Luckily, I've made it before.  It's not a tough make, for a jacket, it's pretty easy, because there is no hand sewing.  I sewed the lining first, so if I messed up, I could just start again. I used the same method from Colette Patterns Ceylon to join the top half of the jacket to the bottom.  It saves a step, if you're planning on top-stitching.  You fold the seam allowance for the top half and then match up the raw edges.  You then top-stitch close to the edge.  I'm sure that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but it's my first post, so I can get away with it. (Right?)  I thought so, moving on...
Here's an action shot.  I was top-stitching my seams, as they were being a pain and not lying flat.  Probably due to the fact that it was a super cheap pique. It has a lot of loft?  As in it was super bouncy fabric.  Top-stitching really saved my butt.  Here is how I'm thinking of wearing it... I haven't decided for sure.  The dress is a work in progress, it's the Dorianne Dress by Soma Patterns, and it is/was going to be my submission for SewIndie month, but I'm not sure if I like how it's turned out.  I accidentally hemmed it too short.  To me it looks a little too '80s.  I do like it with the jacket, I still have to sew the sleeves and some of the pleats in the bust so they stop puffing out. 
 I have to decide, as the submission is due on June 4th.  I also have a couple other options... Papercut Patterns' bomber jacket, Waffle Patterns Luffa blazer, Sewaholic Thurlow trousers...     

I'm down to just having to sew the snaps on.  Not bad for a Sunday of sewing.  If I get it done post baby going to sleep and I finish the dress, I might have another post for tomorrow.

A final thought, about pins.  I really hate having to clean them up after sewing.  I never seem to get them all.  I also am really bad, in that I tend to sew them over.  Thanks for reading till the end and happy sewing!

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  1. Enjoying your blog! Maybe you could also post some pictures from the first version of the jacket that you made for comparison?

    - Zsofia