Saturday, June 7, 2014

Woohoo Progress... Bound buttonholes are done (for now)!

What do you do when your mom is in town?  For me it means very little time for sewing.  There has been progress made on the jacket.  More on that in a minute.  But first- the view from lunch.

Today I took my mom to Garuja, a little town about 60-90-180 minutes away from Sao Paulo.  As it is winter here, there was no traffic, so it took about 60 minutes to get there.  We went to two beaches, names already forgotten, but both were super tranquil and nice.  The water was too cold to actually get in, but the day was beautiful and waves soothing (to a degree.  To be honest, sometimes the sounds of waves makes me seasick a little bit, especially if I'm even slightly dehydrated, but it was nice to breath cleaner air.)  We had to leave suddenly, when my little guy got stung or bitten by a bug and his ear swelled up.  He's fine now, but it certainly freaked me out.

Now on to progress on the jacket.  Bound buttonholes made, and I added fusible to the roll line, as the one buttonhole near the collar was causing some wonkiness on the roll.

How do you make your bound buttonholes?  I use a mishmash of ways, but they seem to be ok.  Here is an action shot of making one.   I love my machine, but notice something wrong with her? 
 The LED light no longer works.  The Bernina store in Sao Paulo told me they couldn't get the part, so I have to wait until my vacation in August, when we're home in Kansas before we move to Kyiv.  Which also means, instead of shipping my 25 pound machine with the rest of our stuff, I get to lug it with us on the plane.  But what to do in the meantime?
I sew with my Ottlite lamp extremely close to the machine.  It's especially necessary when you have to be super precise- ie. buttonholes and pockets.  But anyway, since there isn't much to report, I'll leave you with a cute shot of my little guy.
I made him a bunny tie shirt for Easter.

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