Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Shoe Tuesday Continues

Well it's Tuesday.  For a short day at work (we got out at 3PM so everyone could be home to watch the 5PM US-Belgium game) it lasted forever. And then what a disappointing end to the US-Belgium game.  The US Mens team fought so hard, but it just wasn't meant to be.  But enough about soccer, let's talk about shoes.  I received a lovely package in the mail yesterday from G.H. Bass company, from whom I bought on a sale impulse buy some new loafers.  I wore the first pair today.
It was a funny picture, but of course you can't really see the shoes nor the dress.  Let's try again.  
 A pair of floral loafers (technically I think they are drivers, but loafers work). They are insanely comfortable, and are part of my quest to make up for the cream and tan Bass Weejuns with hearts on the strap that I literally wore a hole in.  I think that they work pretty well.  Now as this is a sewing blog, I of course wore them with something I made.  The dress is another Vogue patterns, made sometime in 2013 post baby.  Most likely May/June 2013.  The pattern no longer appears to be on the Vogue Patterns website, and I'm too lazy to get up to figure out which one it was. 
 It's made out of a cotton sateen from Gorgeous Fabrics, which I bought four yards of, made this dress, a jacket and a skirt.  Then I bought 3 more yards, made another skirt and a pair of pants.  I've gained a bit of weight since making it, making the lack of the FBA (full bust adjustment) very apparent in these pictures.  I could have really used an extra inch in length on the upper bodice.  If I make it again, I will definitely make that change.  I still got loads of compliments on it today.  I really like the pleating and the skirt.
Here it is from the back.  The wrinkles I think are more from the weird posing to try and get my remote shutter release to work.  The little guy is helping direct the photo shoot.  He was very into it.
As it was all of 48 degrees this morning in Sao Paulo, I wore it with my Pappercut Patterns bomber jacket.  I love this jacket.  I have decided to stick with the floral theme for the rest of the week as well.  I'm sure that I can do it.  Brazil has made me covet all things floral.

When I finished with taking the photos and was looking at them, Alex decided it was his turn.  Here are some photos of him, mainly to placate the grandparents, well that and he's super cute.

He was dressed in his 'Where's Waldo' outfit to root on the USMNT.  He also decided that it was floral week, and he had to wear the new shoes. He stole them off the chair.

Who wears them better?  Anyway, in other news, I have been studying up on shoe making for the last couple of months, and finally ordered a kit to make my first pair.  (I have been slowly ordering all the supplies over the last couple of months.)  It should be meeting me in Kansas in August.  I am super excited. Then we really can have a shoe Tuesday theme.  Would you make your own shoes?  If you could, what kind of shoe would you make?  Until next time.

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