Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sewing and the Art of Packing Day 2

The movers are here, and packing the last of my possessions, junk, stuff, crap, whatevs.  They worked yesterday from 9-4:30 with an hour lunch.  They got almost everything packed, and my UAB weighed.... which wait for it, 695 pounds.  I could have added five pounds of notions!  Oh well.  Best to be slightly under, rather than having to decide what to take out, right?  Anyway....  Here is what my apartment looked like this morning, before the movers showed up.

The tall randomly shaped thing in the foreground is my dress form.  They opted not to take it apart.

A piece of art waiting to be packed.  The table is also ours, but we're going to donate it, as I can't stand it anymore.  It's bar height, which I didn't realize how much I hated sitting bar height until I had to do it every g-d day.

Living room.  695 pounds of UAB to the left of the scale and the sofa in the background.

The dining room table is not ours so it stays.  Luckily this means we have a place to sit for the next 10 days.

Yes they didn't pack my sewing table yet.  So what does a sewista do?  That's right, this morning while waiting for the packers, I did some last minute working on my Prada inspired dress.  My husband likened me to getting one last fix.  Which to be frank, while I do really enjoy sewing, it is not an addiction.  He also states that have a reading addiction too.   I just shake my head at him, and continue to read whatever book I'm reading.
I had yet to make the pattern for the sleeve, so that's what I did quickly this morning.  I realized that I had packed all my rulers, which egads!  Did I really do that?  That was not very smart of me.  Oh well.  I used the inch squares on my mat, it seemed to work out fine, as I was adding two inches every two inches, to end up with one inch pleats every other inch.  I then cut my muslin.  You can see the lining in the background.  It's a orange vicose voile.  I originally was going to use the voile as the outer fabric, but realized that it was too flimsy. 
Look a sleeve pattern!  Hopefully it works out well.  I used my Art of Shoemaking book as a weight, as it's going with me to Kansas.
I made my last cut as the movers were coming up the elevator, so I had to hurriedly clean up my mess and toss everything in the bedroom.  I still have to cut the collars, but that will have to wait.  Hopefully I'll have some time to sew this afternoon.  (No addiction here, I swear.)  I decided that the final dress will have to be made out of organza in order for it to have the same oomph as in the original.  I have some swatches of organza meeting me in Kansas from Mood fabrics.  One is black and white checkered board, one is green and blue checkered board, and one is mauve with circles on it.  We'll see what I choose!
I'll leave y'all with a parting image of my move.  Yes that is my couch.  It does not fit through our service door, so instead of the apartment complex letting us use the social elevator, they had to get a completely different company to come in and hoist the couch down 24 floors, off my veranda.  I'll be honest, in that I think this is completely a waste of money, as it would have been one five minute trip down the social elevator during the middle of the day, when no one is home.  No more no less.  The foyer is under construction anyway, forcing everyone to use the service elevator.  Oh well.  Until next time, happy sewing!

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