Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day!

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their 4th of July.  Make sure to blow up a little bit of America for me.   Today Brazil plays in the quarter-final of the World Cup, so I'm sure we'll get our share of fireworks.  Work celebrated the fourth officially the other day, so it's just a free day off for me.  What will I be doing today?  Hopefully finishing the dress I started two days ago.  I need to go get a zipper for it, but have to wait until 10 AM to do so.  So anyway, as it's not finished, I thought that I would show you some in progress shots, as well as wrap up the me-mades I wore this week.  Let's start with the dress.

It's Vogue Patterns 1353 a pattern designed by Kay Unger New York.  It is rated easy, but has some interesting little features.  Shall we take a look at the Vogue version of it?
It's a fully lined sleeveless dress with pleating at the the neckline and at the waist.  Honestly, I looooooovve the fabric they used for this dress.  It's amazing, right? Well of course when Vogue actually uses a print that you like, it's nowhere to be found.  This also happened a couple of years ago when they used a green plaid wool, but whatevs right.  Anyway.  I got this pattern in August 2013, but have never used it, even though it was love at first sight.  I finally found a print that would do justice to the dress this last Saturday at Bras. 
That's right, my coated cotton.  It's looking a little gray here, but in real life, it's a army drab green with black/gray/white abstract flowers on it.  I think it's going be fantastic- maybe with a bright blue belt?  The fabric is easy to sew, but weird to iron.  I've been using a silk organza press cloth, but when you iron the backside, you then have to peel it off from the ironing board.  Also it sticks to each other.  I don't think this fabric is quite rain gear, but maybe they silk screened it?  I like it though.  

This is a little closer to the correct background color.  I think it's slightly more green.  One of the interesting things about the pattern is the use of sew-in interfacing at the neckline and the armholes.  Once you sew the front and back together (sides only) you then sew the lining to the neckline and armholes and then turn.  Then you sew the should seams.  How you sew the shoulders is the only thing I'm going to change.  When I altered a Lilly Pulitzer for my niece, she used french seams in the shoulder for this type of style.  I think that's how I'm going to do it.  I love a good french seam.  Oh I guess the other thing I might change in the construction is that Vogue has you using a four inch hem facing to finish the bottom.  I either might just do a narrow hem, or a smaller hem facing.  This fabric will not hide stitches, so I don't think I can blind stitch the hem. 
Anyway....  this is my first of two dresses with this pattern.  The other dress I plan on making is an ode to a dress that Angelina Jolie wore recently.  This picture of it was found here.  
It's got the same neckline, but has 3/4 length sleeves and a straight skirt.  (I will not be making it full length).  It should be super easy to frankenpattern this pattern with another Vogue sleeve pattern, and my trusty V2514 skirt.  What do you think?

Oh in case you are wondering... This is what I am wearing today.  It's difficult, when Brazil is playing on your national holiday, how do you marry the patriotic red/white/blue with the yellow of your only Brazil tee-shirt?  I think I did ok.  I'm going to wear it with my pink floral shoes (so then there's a member of the 'red' family).  It's a cotton sateen self drafted pleated skirt. The fabric was picked up during the Male Pattern Boldness 2012 meetup at Mood Fabrics.  I was newly pregnant (and feeling it) so this was the only fabric I ended up with.  I wish I could go this year, I'll be in the states during that time, but really can't fly halfway across the country for one day?

Anyway!  Happy Fourth!  Vai Brasil!  Until next time.  Oh P.S.  I finally figured out how to fix my button dilemma for my coat.  I need to cut out a new button placket and facing, and then dammit I'm using giant snaps!  I think it should work.  I already deconstructed that part of the coat, just need to resew it.  After this dress.

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