Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Brief Pause to Move and a Giveaway

There has been zero sewing here, as I packed up the sewing machine to have the cleaners clean, and I really don't want to clean again, so it stays packed up.  We're giving up the internet today, so it will be radio silence until we make our way to Kansas.  However, I have my first giveaway for you readers!  I am giving away 1 Manaquim magazine- which is like Brazilian BurdaStyle, and the following fabrics-  1 yard of the blue plaid I used last week, 1 yard of mystery paisley fabric from Istanbul and two yards of I think a poly-crepe that I got in Bras.
To enter- please comment on this post.  You have until Noon EST on Wednesday August 6 to enter.  I look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Goodluck with the move. I'm curious how Manequim compares with Burda in drafting and style. Are they similar in sizing? Count me in for the giveaway please.
    Cs19647 AT (yahoo) DOT (com)

  2. Blessings on your move Nicole!
    And what an awesome giveaway! Pick me, pick me!

  3. Hi! I tried to comment on a previous post with my Wordpress account & failed, so here's hoping this works! I just recently discovered your blog & it's great. Truly a find for me, as I am interested in learning more about both sewing & São Paulo! We will be moving there in a couple of years. All the best to you & your family as you travel on.

  4. I hope your move goes smoothly with a minimum of hassles!

  5. The last time I moved was 12 years ago. I remember it, and sympathize on the upheaval you must be going through. Packing my fabric stash was an eye opener, revealing the huge volume and age of the fabric. My husband claimed it filled one whole tractor trailer. He is prone to exaggeration. I love the styles in the Manequim, which are often based on RTW. But it is so hard for me to find issues. Fortunately they have some great free patterns on their website.