Monday, July 21, 2014

Sewing and the Art of Moving

As I write this, our movers have arrived and are unloading a ton of material to pack up our stuff for our move from Sao Paulo to Kyiv.  I am eternally grateful that my job hires movers to pack us up and then moves our stuff for us.  We get two types of shipments.  Air freight (UAB), a small amount of items based on number of family members (for us is 700 lbs), which in theory should get to us pretty quickly, and then what comes by boat (7200 lbs), which depending on the country can take up to six months to arrive.  For Brazil it took 3.5 months for us to get our stuff, and then 4.5 months for our car.  Anyway, here's to hoping it will be quicker for Kyiv.  

So I've spent the last couple of days organizing our stuff.  My husband is of the mind that the movers can come and go from room to room and pack it as they go.  My philosophy is to make large piles in one room so that it's easier for me to monitor.  What do you think?  My way is more time consuming for me, but it gives me a chance to go through and organize everything, and hopefully get rid of stuff. right?

Anyway, yesterday was spent organizing my sewing supplies.  This was my sewing room yesterday morning.  In other words, a disaster of epic proportions.  I may have cried a little bit about the shear amount of work I had to do.  I'll be honest, this move has been more stressful than our last six.  I'm sure that you can put two and two together of why.  One of the hardest things about organizing a mess, is that it's so messy that you don't know where to start.  I started by moving things out that were easily moved. 

That meant packing up the serger.  I used to have the box for the serger, but during our move from Yekaterinburg to the states, the movers in Yekaterinburg packed our UAB in smaller boxes and sent it to Moscow, where some jackass put everything in those special UAB boxes, and took both my serger and sewing machine out of their boxes!  I was flaming pissed when I got our stuff.  Oh well, one must breath and move on, right?  So the serger was the first thing out of my sewing room.
Then came my notions.  The serger will go in UAB, but the notions will got HHE.  I figure, since we'll be living all of two blocks to the closest sewing store, notions can come a bit slower, allowing for more space for toys and clothes to come faster.  My notions are organized in baggies and then tossed in storage boxes.  I think they're called stackables- I got them at target.  I have 12 currently. 
After notions came books-  I realized that I have a ton of sewing books.  Almost an entire bookshelf.  They are a mix of old and new.  I am thinking about getting Sewaholic's Sewtionary, and Tilly's book, but it will have to wait.  (And to be honest, I also have a bunch of E-books.)
I could have sworn I took a picture of all my stash, after I emptied the drawers, but I guess not.  It's already been packed to go by boat.  I did save some things for you guys.  You'll just have to wait and see.  I plan on doing a couple of giveaways starting next Friday (as I'll be traveling).  Here is what my sewing room looked like after everything was packed.  Emppppty!  I'm going to miss this sewing room.  It was the first time that I had an entire room dedicated to sewing/crafting.  It was nice.  I wonder how it will be in Kyiv?
I'm sure you're wondering where my sewing machine is?  I am hand carrying it to the States and then to Kyiv.  It needs some tender, love, and care, so it has to go with us. You can see it in the foreground of the stuff that will go to the States.  I also am taking some already cut projects, and a limited amount of sewing supplies.  I'm not sure if you can see it, but I have smaller cutting boards that fit into my suitcase, allowing me to turn any table into a sewing space.  You can see some of the give away fabric on the bed.
Last night, after everything was organized, I took the time to precut some of the projects I plan to work on.  Unfortunately, I ran out of steam before cutting out my Prada-esque dress, but you can see the patterns for it sitting on my suitcase.  I figured out the back issue.  I realized that if I did an even number of pleats, then I wouldn't have to worry about the center back, because there wouldn't be a pleat there.  I had to space out the pleats 1/8 of an inch more to make it work, but I'm sure it will be fine.  I'll get back to it once the packers are done.  Anyway I'm sure you're wondering what I plan on working on during the next month.
I cut two versions of New Look 6013 modified into a top.  The second week of September is the One Week One Pattern challenge.  I'm planning on participating, and stepping it up a notch- I plan to wear only Vogue 2514 skirts and New Look 6013 tops.  I think this will be interesting to see how it works out.  Are you planning on participating?
I also cut out two more versions of Jennifer Lauren's Bronte top modified to not have the bindings and sleeves.  One will be black and the other will be cream (looks pretty white here).  I didn't have any black lightweight jersey, so I used hunter green instead.  You can almost see that I finally got around to cutting out the new button placket and facing for my Deer and Doe coat.  I also cut and attached the interfacing.  

The picture on top is what we hope will be able to go UAB.  My scale decided to break, so I couldn't weigh anything, so I have really no idea how close or far we are.  The picture on the bottom is the HHE.  You can see all my sewing stuff.  I'm going to miss it!  I do have some new Vogue, Butterick, and McCall's patterns meeting me in Kansas, so I can look forward to that.

Last but not least, did you know that if you get wax tracing paper wet, it dissolves?  I didn't.  We're currently using our super crappy welcome kit iron, because I have broken two others.  This one is pretty broken as well, so it leaks when laying flat, which my husband laid it flat and then it leaked all over some wax paper leaving a lovely green puddle.  On a white floor.  Luckily, it didn't stain. 
Well that's it for today.  By this afternoon the packers will have packed a significant amount of stuff, and likely by tomorrow afternoon we'll have almost nothing left in our apartment.  Until next time, happy sewing.

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