Thursday, July 24, 2014

Quick top and Suggestions needed

Good evening, there has been limited sewing since we last talked, as this is the current state of my sewing room.

Awww look how empty it is.  I did make a top after the movers finished.  It was one of the few that I cut out before they showed up.  Having it pre-cut made it a fairly quick make, I think over all it took me 2 hours?  It probably would have been quicker, but the fabric was so flimsy that they neck took a bit of coaxing to hem.  If I were to re-do it, I would use bias tape to finish the neck.  This time around I folded over twice. 
If I do this on a neckline, I usually make the first 1/4 inch fold before I sew any of the seams.  It usually makes the second fold around the curve a bit easier.  Anyway, I wore the shirt on Wednesday for casual Wednesday at work. 

If I told you that I worked really hard on matching the plaid, would you believe me?  Honestly, I just got really lucky, with how the print matched. Moving on, there is a meter of this left, which will be in the first giveaway... more to come.  

I need some reader input... I am going to make an evening gown in the near future, I need suggestions. This is what I wore last year.  It's a modified By Hand London Anna dress, made in a cotton sateen with a cotton lace overlay.  I'm thinking plaid this year or poppies, but I don't even have an idea for a pattern.  Ack!  Granted I have until November, but I need to start thinking about it.  Leave me a comment!


  1. Love that top! fantastic colors on you. If you make yourself a new evening dress, I would suggest that you use a red fabric, or incorporate that lovely shade of red into it in some way.

    1. Thank you! You totally read my mind. I'm going to use this dress as inspiration, but use gray wool with painted red poppies (and make it floor length). I think it will be perfect for a November ball in Kyiv.