Sunday, July 6, 2014

Help me decide + a finished Jennifer Lauren Bronte top

This is going to be super short, because it's almost dinner time, and post dinner, there might be enough time to actually finish my second Bronte top and cut out the skirt to go with it.  I need your help though deciding which side of the fabric to use.  A little background.  This fabric was bought in August 2013 in Moscow.  I got it because it was actually made in Russia, and an interesting design.  I plan on making a pencil skirt with it.  The main design will be offset.  Anyway, which one do you like?
 Choice 1. (Alex is also behind the fabric about to run out of it.)
 Choice 2.  After this shot, Alex grabbed the fabric and decided to play with it.
 It's the happiest I've seen him all day.  He's been a cranky-poo as his tummy has been bothering him.

Leave a comment to let me know which side you like better.  And here's a quick peak at the Bronte top.


  1. I like the predominantly purple side. Photo #2 with Alex in front. He is getting so big and so handsome!!!

  2. I changed my mind. The pattern stands out more on the predominantly orange side with the pattern in purple. So I like photo #1 better now. And now my indecisiveness has made both of my comments non-helpful.

    1. That's why I'm having a problem! I can't decide. I think I like the predominantly orange side, but then I am like ooooh purple.