Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Shoe Tuesday and a Fail Refashion

As I write this, my outfit today seems a little too optimistic.  Brazil is currently losing to Germany by five.  Five goals down, and the first half isn't even over.  My neighbors, normally exuberant during games, sound like they're all about to have heart attacks.  Vai Brazil!  Anyway, I dressed totally for the game today.

 Of course, I wore my Brazil teeshirt.  With it, I wore a green cotton ponte jacket that I made using New Look 6013. The skirt is the bottom part of the Dorianne dress blogged about here.  Here is a reminder of what it looked like.  It looked decent from the front, but the back and the shoulders were a nightmare. 

So I did what any normal sewista would do in that situation.  At 9 PM, the night before I want to wear the skirt I'm envisioning, I toss the dress on, stick a couple of pins at a bit above my belly button.  Take off dress and start cutting.  I tried to salvage the zip, but ended up having to put in a new one, and then I added a waistband.  I cut a piece of fabric 4" by longer than my waist, cut a piece of interfacing 3" and roughly the same length.  I then sewed the waistband on like normal.
And sewed a button on.  I tried it on, and decided to release the pleats, but when I did that, somehow it made the skirt to big, so I moved the button over about an inch.  It bunches a tiny bit at the zipper, but since the skirt is full you can really tell.
It took a little over an hour to refashion.  Now I have a skirt that I can wear more often.

For the Grammies.  Need plenty of Alex pictures to keep them happy.

 In case you haven't figured it out, The outfit is based on the Brazilian flag.  Here it is to jog your memory. 
For the last month, these colors have been everywhere.  At any store (any store- from grocery to sex shop to clothing store) they have at least one display that is blue, yellow and green.  So I wanted my own outfit.  It's probably the only time I'll get to wear it, unless Brazil pulls off the comeback of the century, but it was certainly fun to wear it today. 

Since it's Tuesday, let's take a closer look at the shoes I wore with it. To be honest, my feet were aching this morning, so I went comfort over cuteness.  I wore a pair of oxfords that I picked up last September at Nordstroms.  They're by a brand Halogen.

They're a natural leather with a canvas contrast.  They work well for running around.  I should really polish them.  I have been obsessing about patina on shoes, I can't wait to start making my own.  Soon enough, soon enough.  Next week, I promise there will be cuter shoes.  Anyway, games back on.  I guess I have to watch this to the finish.  Until next time.

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  1. Good save!!! On your outfit, at least! Love the colors and the shoes. You are inspiring me!