Monday, March 7, 2016

Jacket in progress ( or damn my good posture)

Hi there! I'm dab smack in the middle of a four day weekend due to the kiddos being out of school today, tomorrow being a holiday, and my husband having to work today. The plus side is I've gotton to sew, the downside is that the little guy likes to help me sew, making it hard. I have made a good amount of progess on the jacket. I will admit that I have spent the same amount of time seam rippig as sewing. 

I started with the welt pockets made in the contrast color. Alex was using my computer, so I didn't have instructions, but I made it through.  Then I had to insert the sleeves, I think I'll make a sleevehead to take some of the wrinkles out. Then after trying it on, I realize I needed to take fabric out of theback waist and add some to the hips. And now for the fun part, adding the elbow patches.
I used the two circles to make an oval method. Alex really liked this method, so we made several variations. The final version ended up being 5.5 inches by 3 inches. I cut them out of the teal fabric, and safety pinned them for placement. 

Needless to say it took a coupe of tries.  Once I got them in the right place, I seam ripped the sleeve seam and glued the patch down. This way i could machine sew them on, using one of the kajillion fancy stitches my machine has, but I never use. 
I used the blanket stitch feature. Not too shabby, eh?  I resewed the sleeve seam. Now for the problem, I am getting some ridiculous wrinkles in the back, and this is after taking an inch out, maybe it needs a little more?
Suggestions? If this were a muslin, I'd take out a horizontal fisheye dart, but it's not. It's due to my erect back, as if I slouch the wrinkles go away. Anyway, I'll continue to think about it while cooking some lasagne. Until next time, happy sewing. 


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