Sunday, March 13, 2016

Finished B6074

Hello there, I meant to show some pictures of my finished B6074 last week, but I failed to bring my laptop (or make the quick fix to the jacket) on my work trip.  Then the weekend got in the way.  Oh well, enough excuses.  Here is the jacket. 
I tossed it on today to take new pictures.  I paired it with my teal ponte Gingers (made out of the same ponte of the pockets, patches, and collars).  I don't think I've ever blogged about these Gingers, as they aren't my favorite.  I folded up the hem on them, and I think I like them better like this.  I also want to take them in at the knee.  Meh, sometime.  Back to the jacket.  I added a second button hole to it, and now it looks better.
The single button hole for your comparison.  The bit of skirt showing above it drove me nuts all day while wearing it.  I wasn't sure if I like it with the teal ponte.   It kind of makes me feel really matchy matchy.  The jacket also turned out looking a lot more formal than I was expecting.  From the front, it is giving me plaid tuxedo. I think it's the shawl collar.  I also think that it is me- I don't ever think I will be hip.  I am almost always over dressed.
From the back.  The wrinkles are from how I am standing, I promise the plaid is straight down.  Blergh, you can see some bagging in the pants, they are a little too big.  I should really fix them, but the top stitching is a triple stitch.  I am not sure if I can handle seam ripping them.
And from the side.  I can pretend the messing up on the sleeve plaid matching is a design feature.  Somehow I ended up a stripe off.  It works though, right?  One of my reservations about this jacket is the length. It's roughly 4-5 inches longer than most of my other jackets, so it feels a little bit harder to wear.  I am thinking that it would look good with a camel pleated skirt, maybe?  The plus side to it being longer is the pockets are actual functioning pockets.  I can put my whole hand in there, instead of the little pockets I am usually stuck with.  Well, that's all I have to say about the jacket.  I'll leave you a me trying to look cool pose.  Until next time, happy sewing.

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  1. The jacket looks great -the colours suit you well. And I like the way the trim on the pocket lines up with the stripe thru' the original buttonhole. But I like things like that.
    I too will never be cool but I'm not interested in being cool anyway. Who wants to be like everyone else?