Monday, February 22, 2016

Dentist, Coffee, and Spoonflower (and Some Finished Makes)

I almost titled this post, things I am annoyed with this week, but thought better of it.  I have had a meh several days, mainly because I decided on Friday to give up my beloved coffee.  A drink that I have only embraced for the last three or so years, but man have I embraced it.  However, it's not awesome for my stomach and so it must go for a while.  Booo... Which has meant I have been not the most fun person to be around since Friday.  Also irritating me is that I went to the dentist today, and have to go back on Thursday.  That's bad on me- since I've put it off for a couple of years.  The hygienist was not too gentle, so my gums are still achy.  But I'm sure you're not here to hear about my petty irritations, but to see handmade clothing.  Here is one of my favorite outfits.  I wear it about every two weeks.
This picture ended up a little grainy, but I wanted to try and get the color correct on the skirt.  It's a deep, deep teal ponte (not my favorite fabric as it's super synthetic-y).  The pattern is my single seam pencil skirt.  The top I think I talked about briefly previous.  It's a pattern by Imagine Gnats, made in a silk charmeuse.  The jacket is one of the few non-me-made pieces I still own.  I bought it in 2010 from Anthropologie.
I only have two usable pictures from my after work photo-shoot.  I didn't realize that one of my sleeves was all wonky from being under the jacket all day.  And also tucked in all weird.  We'll leave it at that.  I used french seams on the top, and finished the neck and sleeve hems with interfacing.  So this was on Thursday, and I had fantastic plans for the weekend sewing- finshing my skirt and top that are in various stages (the top, I think is a wadder, as the material is terrible), and starting the matching jacket.  But then I cut the coffee, leaving me with a terrible migraine Friday afternoon, and going to sleep super early, and then zero energy Saturday.  So I went with a simpler idea.  I received my package of fabric from Spoonflower Friday afternoon.  I ordered 2 yards of coordinating teal and purple damask sports lycra, as I am in desperate need of workout clothing.
And I made two pairs of leggings- Fehr Trade's Dualthalon (as that is what I had).  This by far is not the most flattering picture of me, as I just returned from my Sunday yoga class and decided to walk to the two miles home.  The prints are awesome.  The colors on the fabric are nice and deep, but the fabric itself is a big fat meeeh. I had read some reviews stating that when stretched the white base would show through a little bit, so I made the leggings a half-size bigger. It works, but bags out in the knee a little bit.  But working out in these- they do not breath at all.  Which for the most part is fine, as I do yoga, barre, and win chung, so not running, but eh.  I'll see how they wear in the future.
Trying to get a better picture.  You can see the stripe down the side.  I added a waistband instead of elastic, because I hate elastic around the waist.  I cannot stand it.  The waistband is an inch or two smaller than the waist, and it held up nicely in class.  For the second pair, I hacked off two inches at the hem, which helps with them sitting right, as they are snug around the calf a tiny bit.  I cut both pairs together, as I only ended up with 30-32" of usable fabric for each.  I know fabric shrinks in the first wash, but this seemed excessive.  I should have measured it before I washed- there was significant white space around the fabric- 2-3" on the sides and 1-2" on top and bottom. But it was just enough.  I did have to piece my second waistband, and one piece might be upside down. 
Here are the two together- on my lovely red carpet.  They're now both sitting at work, so no better pictures.  I really do love the print, I am just bummed about the fabric.  Now I know, I really prefer cotton based work out gear.  Live and learn, right?  At least the fabric did not end up in the stash.  Anyway, that is all, I guess.  I should get back to finishing something, mainly my skirt, but I misplaced the second facing piece.  Silly that is what is holding me up (and the hem), I only have about an hours worth of work.  I just need to do it!  Until next time, happy sewing.


  1. I'm inferring that the fabric is from Spoonflower. I've not purchased from them but I see a lot of reviews about needing to buy the best quality fabrics they offer.
    Hope you back into the swing of things soon.

  2. I gave up drinking to much coffee almost five years ago. I allow myself one cup of very good coffee a day. Your sewings are great: Love the leggings.