Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Craft/Life Balance, How do you do it? And another New Look 6013

Do you start off a blog post with the title, or do you come up with the title later?  Random to start a post with a question, but often I sit here at the computer trying to figure out exactly where I want to take a post, mainly to ensure that the few readers that read this blog aren't bored out of their mind.  Especially when I've made a new iteration of the same top for the kajillionth time.  Tonight I came up with the title first (after restarting this post), because it's something I'm curious about.  I'll start with my day, so dear reader, you can understand where I am coming from.  

I wake up, walk the dog, do yoga, get ready for work, make breakfast for the kiddos, get the older kid ready for school, go to work, (all before 8 AM, you can guess what time I have to wake up) answer a kajillion emails, whittle down lists that are continually being repopulated, work out during my lunch hour- either the elliptical or zumba depending on the day, continue working/meetings/wondering why the lists never get smaller, drive home in rush hour traffic, eat dinner, either sneak in some sewing, cleaning, or taking pictures while the kids bathe, play with the baby while making sure the older kid has actually done his homework, getting the baby to actually stay in his bed, get the older kid to sleep.  If I am lucky this is all done by 7:30ish so I can sew for a couple hours, or blog, or hang out with the hubby.

Tonight, it didn't get done until 8:30- meaning I have zero energy and am cranky to boot.  Tonight my plans were to finish a sweatshirt jacket, cut out a pattern, and write about my newest top.  Likely, it's just going to be the writing about my new top.  Without further ado-here is the top:
Yeah, if you've been reading this blog for awhile, you'll recognize that I cut this top before the movers packed up our apartment in Brazil, so mid July?  I didn't make any changes for this one.  As usual I used french seams, didn't bother making the darts (just eased the excess in), and used matching bias binding to finish the neckline and the sleeves.
 As you'll recall, New Look 6013 also has raglan sleeves- much like the failed Dalhia.  The big difference between the two, is that with this pattern, the sleeves are two pieces.  This allows for better shaping over the shoulder.  I have made it combining the two sleeves and using a dart to take out the excess fabric.  This is how I tried to fix the Dalhia, but when I fix it, I may use this sleeve instead (or I have another option which you'll see later in the week).
Here is a closer look at raglan sleeves.  I didn't make any attempt at pattern matching other than centering stripes.  But back to the question at hand- work/life/crafting balance.  How do you do it?  Or if you're not a crafter, but have a hobby that takes up time, how do you make time for that?  I made this top on Sunday.  It took me almost the entire day, because I had to sneak in 10 minutes here, a seam here, allowing Alex to play with the serger to get it done.  When I sew after the kids go to sleep, then I feel like I'm ignoring my husband.  I've been struggling with getting the right balance to actually create the outfits I have in mind versus work and family life.  How do you do it?

Do you just sew every other day?  Ten minutes before work?  I have a list of pieces that I want to make that's a mile long, but as I go through it, I only add to it?  How do you keep up with the blogging on top of it all?  I have found that I love blogging, it takes me back to when I wrote all the time for fun.  I used to write these crazy stories a la R.L. Stine and Christopher Pike.  I have always though It's nice to be able to get my thoughts on to the metaphorical paper.
I leave it at this- I would love to hear how you balance it all.  We could have a discussion about leaning in, or how women can't have it all, but I think it's all a matter of balance.  Or even how to make it work with an nontraditional family, I am the breadwinner of my family, and my husband is the stay at home parent. I am extremely fortunate that I can afford a housekeeper to come and clean twice a week and my husband doesn't mind cooking dinner most work nights.  I will admit though, that I often find myself jealous of him as most days he gets to sleep until almost 7 and he usually finishes with his parenting duties before I do (I usually put Alex to bed).  It's a trade-off I presume- there are things I do that he's likely jealous of- perhaps getting to leave the house without the kids?

Anyway, I was messing around with my tripod and my remote- so while you think of balancing work/family/life/and the pursuit of the things you love, enjoy some amusing pictures of me.  And as always, happy sewing, or in this case- pursuing that happy medium between it all.

And one last one:  I finally got the last frames up on the wall- but they are differently sized than the others- I am trying to let it go.


  1. Craft - life balance - what's that?! I have an uncanny nack for having to deal with difficult and crazy people which is why I refuse to take the FS exam again. I would have that boss or be sent that far from my husband. I know it. So I craft and raise children for now. Even then I can get carried away with a project and ignore life - dinner? Cinnamon toast! after I finish this row….

    1. Haha I often feel like that! I am fortunate that my job is consistently 8-5, otherwise, I don't think that I could do it. Sewing is such a part of my life, and even if it weren't, some other craft or art would take it's place. I am one of those people who has to keep engaged with something otherwise I get antsy. I understand about the getting carried away. I often let my toddler play in the sewing room, just so I can sew one more seam. Even though it usually means rethreading the serger.