Monday, May 11, 2015

A Week of Wardrobe Challenge- Bottom number 3

Hi there!  Sorry about the radio-silence.  I have been manically sewing over the last couple of weeks to finish this wardrobe challenge for Pattern Review.  Since we last spoke, I made two more tops, a skirt, a dress, and a belt.  That's a lot to talk about, so I figured since I need a break from sewing, I'll spend the week blogging.  One piece of clothing a day, culminating with the entire wardrobe on Friday.  (Friday is the 15th, the deadline for the entering the contest, so everything must be done by then.)  I was going to blog in order of making, but I decided to skip ahead to my last skirt.  Originally, this was going to be the Gabriola skirt by Sewaholic in a beautiful blue suiting, but I figured I needed something more cohesive with the collect- also why there is another top in the mix,  if we're being honest, the blue plaid one did not really go with my first quilted skirt.  First you say?  Yes that is right, I made a second quilted skirt.  This time in denim.
Three hundred and sixty squares of denim to be exact.  I used the leftover denim from my Ginger jeans, and then a little bit of my new denim that I received for more Ginger jeans (the Ginger Jeans kit from Cone Mill denim).  As I wanted the gradation, I used the right side of the denim I bought here, then the wrong side of it, then the wrong side of the blue Cone Mills and finally the wrong side of the black Cone Mills.
Chevron!  Each square was 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches.  Which then was sewn in the pattern.  If you're in the Stashbusting 2015 facebook group, you probably saw my pattern sheet.  I used graph paper, and it really helped, in a. making sure I didn't over or under cut squares, and b. I didn't have to really think about the pattern.
Apparently my ass is just the right size for the patter to perfectly match on the back. I did not plan for this at all.  But looks pretty awesome right?  For the skirt, it's the same pattern as for my first quilted skirt, except that the side dart was broken into two smaller darts so I didn't lose any squares.  I also used a double sided zipper (is this what it's called?) instead of a vent.  
You can see here, why I didn't want to lose a single square, it would have looked funny without that one medium colored one on the top row.  Let's see, other construction notes.  I serged every seam.  Big mistake.  While this skirt will not fall apart every, it's somewhat uncomfortable to sit in for long stretches of time.  Think grid pattern.  My machine also hated it.  I've never broken so many needles.  Fortuitously, I double ordered denim needles, so I should have enough for my next two pairs of Gingers.

I used some midweight jersey as a facing, to keep the bulk down, but also allow for the denim to stretch.  As the fabric is thicker than the suiting I used for the last skirt, it's a bit more snug.  I'm sure you're wondering how the skirt looks with the rest of the wardrobe. 

You have to wait tomorrow to see it with one of the other tops, and then Wednesday for the other top.  Patience my dear readers!  Up next, is the replacement for the plaid top.  Until then Happy Sewing!  Oh yes, in case you're wondering, I chopped my hair off yesterday.  It's been driving me nuts for awhile, as I don't like to wear it down, but when I put it up I get headaches.  So pixie cut for me!


  1. Your quilted skirt is Amazing. And I really like your new 'do. It is very flattering.

  2. Saw your review at PR this AM and had to come see the details about your skirt! Great job! It looks great on you and love the exposed zipper in the back!