Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week of the Wardrobe Challenge: Top # 3 or yet another Bellini

Welcome to night two of the week of the wardrobe challenge posts.  As I mentioned last night, I wasn't thrilled with how my plaid Bellini went with my pink/blue/pinstripe skirt, so I had to rethink the top.  Here is a visual reminder of what it looked like.  Awesome top, I've worn it weekly since I made it, but it's too warm for the rest of the wardrobe.

I broke down and bought half a yard of pink cotton lawn from my local fabric store.  And by local, I mean one of the five stores that is a block from my house.  Temptation, such temptation.  For the bottom, I used a gray shirting from my stash.  This gray shirting will also be featured in tomorrow's top three.  I decided to try color blocking.  As the pinks didn't match 100% that meant pink on top and gray on bottom.  The weights of the fabric were also different, so I interfaced the pink with fusible black interfacing.  I chose black, as it got the pink slightly closer to the pink in the skirt.

Much better right?  I hope so, but if you think differently, let me know in the comments. Let's take a closer look at it, it's the same pattern as the first Bellini, but the top piece was cut on the straight grain, not bias this time.  The neck and hem are finished with bias binding, and the sleeves are folded over twice.  The side seams are french seams, but the seams between the top and bottom are serged.  Mainly because I f'd up and sewed it right sides together instead of wrong sides together for the french seam.  Ooops!  You can't tell though, and that's what matter, right?
I stopped the buttons right underneath the curve, so I wouldn't have to switch threads or buttons.  It doesn't flap open, nor would I have buttoned to the top anyway.  So enough blabbering, and let's see how it fits into the wardrobe:
With my Ginger jeans

+Ginger Jeans and my motojacket

+ Chevron quilted skirt

+Chevron quilted skirt and motojacket

+pink/blue/pinstripe quilted skirt and motojacket.

 In my opinion, it's a much better fit into the wardrobe than the plaid version.  Not that I don't love the plaid version, and it looks amazing with 2/3s of the bottoms, but this is better.  That's it for tonight, tomorrow is top four, which I think you will like.  Until then, happy sewing!

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