Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sewing While Sick...

As much as you want to, when you have a head/chest cold, it's best to stay out of the sewing room.  Because otherwise this might happen:
I'm sure you're scratching your head and wondering what I'm talking about.  Well two of the wool panels have the wrong side of the wool on the outside.  I can't decide how much it's going to bother me yet, because I only noticed it when:
I finished quilting all the leather panels, so it's not easily fixable.  My mistake for you guys to learn from!  The blue will also be quilted the same way, so readers, the question is- do I fix it? Or just hopefully forget about it? Let me know in the comments. 
P.S. I used the lining fabric to quilt- as I am working through that stash.  Luckily there was just enough to cut out both the lining and the quilting.  Hopefully it will be awesome when it's done.  Now it's time to slap on some Vick's Vaporub and try and sleep off this cold.  Until next time, happy sewing.

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