Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Just Stopping By

I promise there has been a lot of sewing here, but just nothing being finished.  I can't seem to keep my mind in the game to finish any of the projects I am working on.  I blame spring!  I want to be outdoors in the sunshine that has finally decided that it can visit Kyiv again.  When I last left you, I had finished the purple skirt and started on the button down.  Well, the button down is still unfinished.  If I got to it, I bet I could get it done in two hours or less.  I just have to put the cuffs on the sleeves, attach sleeves to body, button holes, and buttons.  Not a lot right?  Well I got distracted.

Yes, that is a jacket.  You can also see the button down underneath it.  Look it's already hemmed and everything!  Nicole get on with it right?  So how did I interrupt my shirt-making with a jacket?  I was using the same thread for both the button down and the skirt.  I took the spool off the sewing machine to do the blind hem.  I misplaced the spool and had printed out some of my digital patterns from which as a pattern printing company I am not a big fan of.  Do you know that you can only ever in your lifetime use three separate computers to print patterns? How does that make sense? I can understand the copyright issue, I've studied copyright law, but the average person trades in their computer every couple of years- limiting your usage of this company to 10-12 years at most.  As a side effect of my job, I end up having to replace my laptop every 1-2 years, and this is my third computer, meaning that I can no longer use after my time in Kyiv at most.  End rant!

Lining for the jacket and those pesky unfinished sleeves
Anyway, I printed out two suit jacket patterns- one for my hot pink Valentino wool and one for my cobalt blue wool.  I decided that I should probably muslin both of them, as I made some changes, and didn't want to cut into my ridiculously expensive pink wool.  So I made one of them up with some wool that I'm not a big fan of- it's kind of brown/green/black, but really liked the fit, so I decided to finish it.  It's not the best made jacket as I didn't interface it, but it's definitely functional. 

Well I'd best get back to sewing, so I can actually show you something. See ya soon and happy sewing.  I'll leave you with a picture of the kiddos to tide you over until then.

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  1. I am annoyed by authorized computers - ITunes hasa function to deauthorize a computer... can you ask them to clear your history similarly?