Thursday, September 25, 2014

Butterick 6094 and Smuggler's Daughter

Hello again!  Twice in one week?  That must mean that I've been sewing.  Super short post tonight, as it's already late. Remember when I won the Everyday Casual Contest?  It really wasn't that long ago, so I hope you do. If not go here.  Well, one of my prizes was a $25.00 gift card to the Smuggler's Daughter.  Which of course I spent well more than that.  This is what I bought:
and a blue rayon double knit or ponte, which is no longer available.  I decided to make Butterick 6094, as I've been obsessively thinking about it for the last couple of weeks.  From the front it seems like a simple shift dress, with some interesting seaming. 

But from the back:
This is what I've been obsessing about.  But the issue I have is that, when the neckline is this open, it makes the back too big, which makes me feel like my dress is falling off.  I finally tried a solution I've been thinking about for awhile.  For the back, I cut a straight size 12.  For the front, the very top bodice piece, I cut a size 12, and then a 14 for the midriff piece and skirt.  I then did a full bust adjustment of 1/2" which was the difference of the 12 and 14.  This allowed the neckline to fit much better and the back to fit as well, but also allowed for my stomach and hips.
I think it turned out really well.  These pictures were taken after wearing the dress for 13 hours, and it still looks nice.  (Except for the fact that my hem fell out.  Blech!  I have to fix that!)

Here are some close ups of the bodice.  I used the cotton to face it, which also prevents the neckline from stretching as there is no stretch in the cotton fabric. 

Oh and I forgot the best part.  No zipper!  I made this dress in 3 hours last night, with 20 minutes of hemming this morning.  (I cut it out on Tuesday night.)  Anyway, off to bed for me.  Until next time, happy sewing.

P.S. As you can see I'm terrible at cleaning up my thread ends, what's your bad habit in sewing.  Leave a comment!  I wanna know.


  1. That blue is a great colour on you.
    You and I share the same bad habit -I am also terrible at snipping off the thread bits. Ah well; a friend of mine used to use masking tape to keep her hems up.

  2. I avoid thread basting but when i cannot i also find it a pain to have to come back to tidy up