Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Coat Just in Time and a Weekend in Kyiv

So I finished the coat- to find that it's a tiny bit too snug in the waist.  Boooooo!  I'll still wear it, as I spent way too long on it, and it's definitely fall here. This morning was 40F (roughly 4C, I think?) 

I am also not digging the patent leather piping.  It made it very difficult to iron the jacket.  Overall, let's just leave it at, I am not thrilled with this one.  I hope that it will grow on me? 
 I don't think it's the pattern.  I honestly think that overall it's just not the right silhouette for my current shape.  The jacket came together pretty easy.  It was expertly drafted.  Let's take a couple more looks at it.

The insides look pretty nice.  At the last moment, I realized that I wanted the lining to hang free, so I biased bound the bottom edge and the sleeve edge.  I will be honest, this was the best finishing I have done on a lined sleeve.  Why are sleeves so difficult to finish?

Enough of the jacket.  I bet you are wondering about the dress underneath? It's a pre-blog make, made back in my year in Yekaterinburg, Russia.  It's Colette Patterns Peony. The fabric was bought in a bazaar in Izmir, Turkey.  I think it's one of my all time favorite makes.  I did have a hell of a time fitting it, as the neck decided to gape a bunch in the back.  I ended up having to put in some darts.

Well, as this post has been mainly pictures and not much about what I made, I'll continue on that vein and post pictures of our weekend in Kyiv.  We went to what is known as Sculpture Alley, the name of it in Ukrainian/Russian is Little Landscapes Alley, and it's also known as Mosaic Alley.  All I can say, it was pretty fun.  Along the path there were three separate playgrounds, and sculptures in between.  It was a great way to spend a Saturday.



I'll leave you with a picture of a snail coffee stand.  They are all over the city.  There are a ton of coffee stands, more than I expected.  It certainly will feed my addiction.  Now it's time for me to clean up my sewing mess on the kitchen table, I cut out B6094 tonight, and I hope to sew it up tomorrow.  This is the version that I did, as I only had 2 yards of the blue fabric.  I also tried something new, I'll tell you about if it works.  Or complain about it, if it doesn't.  Until next time, happy sewing.


  1. I really like the colour of your coat -and the unexpected pop the lining gives.
    Thank you for posting the tourist-type pictures. I love seeing where other people live.

    1. Thank you. I do love the color. I think the cut will grow on me.