Sunday, January 25, 2015

Retaking Photos!

Hey there, quick post while some paint dries.  I made my older son go outside and take some new pictures.  First was of the jacket I just made, B6105.  Here's a reminder of what the picture looked like.

And then here it is, when taken in adequate lighting and my son took his time to make sure the camera focused.  What a difference!
Here it is from the side:


It also might have made a difference that I wasn't rushing after working all day, so I had time to put my hair up and toss on some lipstick.  Which perfectly matches the pink!  I might have to wear them together in real life.

The other pictures I retook was B6109, which is also another pattern by Gertie.  You can only guess why I'm re-taking pictures- something perhaps to do with a contest to win 100 bolts of fabric?  Here was the original picture.  Not terrible, but definitely not 100 percent in focus and the photograph darkens to the bottom, due to all the lighting being overhead.  The same thing happened in the above photos.  I really should set up a better lighting system in the apartment.  I have an ott-lite, it would probably help? 

And here are the retaken photos- there are a bunch, as most of them turned out nicely!

What a difference, right?  

And last but not least, we took some newer profile shots.

Ha, you actually can tell that my eyes are green.  All of these were taken at noon, which normally wouldn't be a great time to take photos, but as it was snowing, the lighting was really soft.  (If you look closely you can see snowflakes in the photos.)  I think it really makes a difference.  Likely, as it is still winter here, the pictures won't be awesome if they're taken during the week, but I'll try and rig up some better lighting so they come out a little bit better.  Until next time happy sewing!

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  1. What a difference! The blue of that dress is stunning - hope you win!