Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day!

As we've been discussing the last couple of blog posts, I have been working hard on my Fourth of July Party outfit.  I finished in earlier this week, in time for the official party, which was on Thursday.  I wore it today as well, since it was really Independence Day, and I had another party to go to.  It garnered many compliments, and was super comfortable.  Which is a must since on Thursday, I was working outdoors for six hours in the rain and heat.

It could only be more patriotic if I had found the perfect red and white striped knit to make a jacket.  Next year...  Anyway, let's get to the nitty gritty, the button down is another McCalls 6649, with the yoke altered to come to the front and the darts turned into gathers.  The sleeves I took from a New Look pattern, 6078, I think.  Oh, and I also curved the corner of the collar.  Is it still really McCalls 6649, when there are so many changes?

A closer look at the blouse.  Look at all that gathering.  Instead of interfacing, I used an extra layer of the fabric in the collar, button placket, and sleeve band.  The buttons on the sleeve band are in the back, which is a little odd, but that's how it said to get them done.
I kinda like it though.  It gives a little bit of interest on the back of the blouse.  The fabric is a red cotton lawn that I got at the local fabric store.  It is a rather crisp hand for as thin as it is.  It makes a rather nice looking shirt right?  All the seams are french seams, so it looks just as nice on the inside as out.  I also used a lot of glue stick to make sure the plackets, bands, and collar were easy to topstitch.  As this is my fourth iteration of M6649, it came together without any issues.
On to the skirt.  I've previously talked about quilting the stars.  The rest of the skirt is deceptively simple.  It's a bunch of rectangles sewn together and then pleated.  I winged it on the pleating- they're three inch pleats that are six inches deep, but I think one ended up being five inches deep, and then the ones next to the zipper are random sizes too.  But it fits and that is what matters.
Here is a look at the inside.  It is not lined, but finished with a facing on the top and at the hem.  The hem facing is something like 10 inches deep.  It covers all the raw edges though, which is what is important.   I used red bias binding to finish the edge facings, and then slip stitched them down.  I like the look of the stripes and might use it for another skirt.
 A closer look at the stars.  There are thirteen of them, one for each original colony of the United States.  On a side note, the Betsy Ross flag is my favorite of all the flags.  So much so, that I have a framed copy of it hanging as artwork.  Makes a great background for a patriotic outfit right?
About a month ago a new mural popped up by my apartment, which is what we used as a background for the photo shoot.  Here is a look at the actual full painting.  I am tiny compared to it.
There are a couple other ones near by that are really cool too.  I should get around to taking my camera so I can show you those as well. Anyway, next up on my plate is my dear husband's leather jacket.  The pattern making for menswear book came, so I have no excuse!  On that note, Happy Independence Day and Happy Sewing!

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