Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Stashbusting- UFO Style

As I continue to abstain from buying fabric, I decided that I should really finish projects that I started and never finished.  This is my theme for this week- or this month, as I started on finishing my UFOs early last week.  My job has been super busy lately- last Thursday I was working from 7:15 AM until almost 10 pm.  If you have read the news about where I live or we're facebook friends, you'll understand why it's been so busy.  Anyway- I figured that I could work on projects that were already cut out and partially finished.  That way I could keep sewing, even if is just for 15 minutes while my kids are swimming in our bathtub.  And now onto the sewing- this make was started sometime between me-made May 2013 and me-made May 2014.  I am pretty sure it was sometime in the fall of 2013, but I couldn't tell you for sure.  I had four yards of the purple wool, and out of it I cut and sewed a jacket and skirt Burda 7576, Colette Clovers, and started a Colette Laurel jumper.  The shell was sewn, the lining half sewn, and then I got distracted by something shiny or heavily floral patterned.
It is now fully sewn up.  While it's one of my more simple makes, I believe it will be worn with great frequency.  It's super easy to wear, and pretty comfy to boot.  The pictures were taken post work and post dinner, so that is where the wrinkles come in.  I was also battling Alex for picture taking ability.  He loves playing with my camera remote.
As seen here.  This is how I wore it.  The sleeves of the blouse I wore underneath shrunk a bit, making them a bit to snug (either that or the circumference of my arms grew, nah we'll stick with the shrinking), so I wore it with the jacket on all day.

A back view, nothing much to comment on- invisible zipper and some dartage.  I believe I made a straight size 6 with no alterations, but at this point who knows?  It really wasn't that hard to finish- maybe a couple of hours, so why didn't I finish it before?  Likely it was due to having to sew the lining.  Linings, while a necessity, are not very much fun to sew. 

But look how pretty it looks?  Sometimes it's worth the extra work, right? Well that's basically it.  I could talk about understitching (really makes a difference), inserting the lining, or handstitching (visible or invisible?), but I am not sure if anyone is interested in any of that.  Plus, I am almost finished with another UFO, so I'd like to try and get it done.  I will leave you though with a question- I plan on making Colette's Rooibos dress with sleeves (as it's still winter and seems like it will always be winter).  I spent all day Sunday working on a muslin and starting it with a grey houndstooth fabric, but stopped pretty early on as the fabric was just not working.  It was super shifty and not able to stay on grain, so impossible to match and was going to look terrible.  I realized I have enough out my favorite grey wool cashmere for the shell, but which one of the three for the contrast.  Let me know in the comments which one you think would work best.  The fabric in the back is the wool cashmere.  The two blues are both silk- the plaid one is pretty light, the one on the right is a raw silk- and I believe would qualify for the oldest piece of fabric in my stash.  The one in the middle is many different fabrics woven together.  Let me know in the comments which one you think would work best!

Oh and one more outtake with Alex taking the picture
Until next time happy sewing.


  1. I also like the versatility of basic patterns -they are worn often.
    My vote would go with the center of the three. I like how the base colour matches the cashmere and yet adds whimsy with the woven colours.

  2. The Rooibos is so cute. What mood are you going for? Given your grey and blue dresses lately, it might be a good time for that multi fabric with a bright piping and lining, if you like the flash. I'm off to look at the Rooibos pattern some more, it's really cute and I can hear my credit card calling!