Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Need Inspiration for Marine Ballgown

Wow!  No posts for six weeks and then two in a row.  It's either feast or famine here.  I had totally meant to be finishing my blazer tonight, but I got stuck at work for an extra 2.5 hours.  Being already tired, I didn't want to risk it. So thinking about sewing it is.  I have been trying to figure out my Marine ballgown for this year.  In April, I bought this gorgeous art deco beaded lace from a Fashionable Stitch.  Such a bummer that Sunni decided to close down her shop, but completely understandable.

 It is stunning in real life.  It is 52" wide, and I was only able to buy two yards of it.  As it's white, that limits my options, so I've been pondering the underlay for what five months?  Well, today I found what is hopefully the perfect choice.  It's this silk faille from Gorgeous Fabrics, gotten on sale.  It is silver, so it should keep me from looking like a bride.

 So dear readers, how should I marry the two together?  I have loads (6) of yardage of the silk to make up for the limited lace.  My original plans were this dress (without the weird ruching details):

McCall's 7154
But how to utilize the lace?  So many questions, so I am turning to you readers.  In the comments, let me know what your ideas would be.  Link a picture, post a picture, sketch.  I have about a month before I have to get cracking on this one, with finishing the blazer, and making my husband's leather jacket.  So there is time!

Until next time, happy sewing!


  1. I think you could use the lace as an overlay on the bodice (letting it hand loose while the silk gathers in at the waist. Then, if you have enough, overlay the silk again from the hip to floor either on the front or just at the gathered back.

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  3. Actually, I guess it might get too bridish with the lace on the bottom too... but it would work well on the top.

  4. Just looking forward to the results!