Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Brief Pause to Finish an UFO

Oh unfinished objects, how do you taunt me?  Last night instead of working on my V1419 Coat, I set it aside and finally finished my muslin for the Prada style dress that I started all the way back in July.  That seems like a lifetime ago.  I really have been missing Sao Paulo, especially now that winter has pretty much set it.  I miss the sunlight too.  Anyway,  here is a reminder of what inspired me:
found on Pinterest on Instyle Magazine's page, better pictures can be found here     
 My progress was documented previously here and here.  I got caught up on the sleeves, as they were too poofy and the poofs were uneven.  Luckily I had only basted them in.  I unpicked them, and took out at least an inch of poof, maybe a little bit more.  This made them much more wearable. There are some other issues, that I'll have to figure out for the final dress, but I went ahead and wore it today to see how it worked.
Excuse the pictures, they were taken when I got home, so it was already pitch black out.
It was super comfortable to wear.   I think the changes I need to make are minor-ish.  I am going to take out some of the pleats- the ones closest to the seam on both the bodice and the sleeves.  I think that this will fix my couple of issues with it.  Here is the biggest problem I have:

Holy Batman- does it stick out in front.  Part of this problem is the lack of darts in the in the front, so there is excess fabric under the bust, making me look like I could be pregnant.  A belt would probably fix this.  I might also be able to sneak some of the fabric into the pleats?   I also need to add about a half inch- inch of ease in the sleeve.  The last thing I need to fix is the pleat on the side of the bust.  It's pulling forward too much, but I think that's just placement.  Taking out the pleat under the arm would mean I could scoot it over without any issue.

Here is the back.  Ugh, it's not looking so great in the pictures.  I promise in real life it's not so uneven.  The sleeves sit better and the hem isn't all wonky.  I had just taken off my coat, and made Conor take the photos.  It looks like I might be able to use just a smidge of room in the waist on the back.  It might be worth transferring a bit from the front, maybe that will fix the problem?

Anyway, I really wanted to wear it, because I adore the fabric.  In the end my love for the fabric outweighed the issues I have with the top.  Is it my most well done make? No way, but it's wearable, and I got loads of compliments on it it.   Let's take a closer look at some of the details.

See it's not just me- it makes my dress form look preggers.

The collar is even too, I promise, it's just not pressed well.  Ooops!

You can see the wonkiness in the side pleat here.  It will be fixed.  I think that it will end up at an angle to appear straight.

See the sleeves look more even here!

My first ever loop made with bar tacks.

The pleats I'm getting rid of, They just need to go!

There you have it, once I've finished V1419, I will probably go in and fix the issues and make the dress.  Or I might wait until spring/summer- since I can't wear it when it's 32F/0C.  I have also made progress on the coat.  The bound button holes are done, the pockets are in (I went with the side seam pockets), and the side panels are sewn in.  The sleeves are sewn and will be attached tomorrow, I hope, and then the back, and then the lining...  Here are a couple of the button holes.  They turned out pretty good.

 Well once again, it's well past my bedtime, so I'll have to leave it with these questions for you: do you finish projects for the shear love of the fabric?  How do you keep up with all the projects that you want to finish?  I have a list a mile long of garments I would like to make.  Anyway, until next time happy sewing!

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